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The partnership between IRONMAN® Lubbock and PLAYTRI will bring added focus on athletes’ needs on their IRONMAN® journey as they train, race, and recover from their IRONMAN® 70.3 RACE.

PLAYTRI has 19 years of triathlon knowledge and curates the best equipment, coaching & support for athletes of all abilities - first-time finishers, those overcoming life’s challenges, and professionals striving to compete at the highest level - to excel in their multisport goals. PLAYTRI owns and operates the largest chain of triathlon-focused retail locations and online store, Playtri.com, in the nation, with 17 current retail locations in ten states operating under PLAYTRI and Endurance House powered by PLAYTRI.

The company’s aim is to bring PLAYTRI retail locations to all 50 states through franchising to actively expand the sport through training and equipping athletes to reach their fitness goals in the most well-rounded athletic endeavor ever conceived. The PLAYTRI Franchise Model offers an exciting blend of entrepreneurship, community advocacy, and profitable business model for franchisees to be successful in their respective markets.

For more information about PLAYTRI or franchising opportunities visit Playtri.com/ownastore or please contact Stephan C. Brown at 850-978-2736 or Franchise@playtri.com